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Exceeding Industry Standards

When it comes to building controls, North American standards often do not apply to the Canadian market. Canadian building codes are different from the U.S. and vary further from province to province. The result is a unique competitive environment in which a building inspection can come as an unwelcome surprise to those who make the mistake of cutting corners on wiring.

Designed for our unique national marketplace, AT-HOM 29 meets or exceeds every Canadian standard for building automation. It sets the industry benchmark for quality, reliability, durability and performance.

> Designed specifically for building controls market. Assures product consistency and cable performance.

> Acceptable production tolerance allows for broader product characteristics and varied cable performance.
> Distinctive orange colour facilitates identification, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

> Used in multiple applications making identification difficult.
> Tight jacket may reduce the amount of conduit used lowering installation costs.

> Variations in jacket diameter may require greater conduit diameter.
> Over 35 formats to choose from, all manufactured to ISO 9002 standards, CSA & UL approved, and FT-4 or FT-6 rated.

> Imported or incomplete product offering that does not meet Canadian building automation requirements.
> Installer-friendly features like alpha-numeric installation codes and meter marking lower installation costs.

> Higher installation costs due to uncertain lengths that lead to more wasted cable
> Fully ROHS certified.

> Product composition is unknown.

> ECHELON or BacNet available assures product meets protocol standards.

> Does not meet Echelon or BacNet standards.

Experience the Cerco Advantage by discovering how we can help you improve your bottom line. For more information contact a Cerco representative at 800-361-5961 (Montreal) or 800-463-9473 (Toronto).

View the complete line of AT-HOM29 cables including all technical specifications.

> Non Plenum (FT4)
> Plenum (FT6)

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And you will breathe easier knowing that every AT-HOM 29 cable comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund.