One-Of-A-Kind Solutions

When designing or engineering a new product or system, a common problem often arises — the standard cable, electrical wire or fiber optic cables required do not correspond to your exact needs or specifications. Over the years, Cerco has developed a reputation for the design and engineering of custom cable, by collaborating with clients to identify their specific requirements.

When you need to fine-tune your product using the latest technology or want to ensure that your current cable selection is correct, Cerco can provide the expertise you need. We also deliver specification sheets for your customized solution and ensure they meet North American building and safety standards whenever required.

We recognize that one size does not necessarily fit all, especially when it comes to cabling requirements. That's why you need a partner like Cerco who can help you create new opportunities by offering unique product solutions that address challenges in creative new ways.

Examples of Customized Solutions

> Custom cable consultation
> Cable assemblies (copper or fiber): patch cords, harnesses, trunks, assemblies, etc...
> Cable conversion (cut, stripped, terminated)
> Product identification (dyeing, printing or labeling)
> Cable prototypes

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Track Record of Success

By listening to customers' needs, Cerco offers a new approach to cable design. The following are some of the markets we've serviced over the years with customized cable solutions.


- Medical Electronics
- Robotics
- Instrumentation, Test and Measurement
- High End Audio/Video Cable
- Petrochemical
- Pulp and Paper
- Automotive
- Security