When it comes to cabinets, you've been forced to use equipment designed for general electrical applications because there was nothing else available. And you've probably gotten pretty good at "making them work".

We asked Building Controls installers like you to tell us exactly what was wrong with the existing system. We took that feedback and designed a new line of Building
Controls Cabinets that will eliminate your biggest frustrations, speed up your installations and save you a ton of money!

Ganged Installations Made Easy
  • Flush-mounted installation makes it easier to ensure cabinets are square & level.
  • 25% space savings (no wasted space)
  • 8 knock-outs for easy inter-cabinet connectivity
Ganged Installations – A Real Pain
  • 3” of wasted space required between conventional cabinet set-up
  • Ugly inter-cabinet conduit creates a mess
  • Harder to get multiple cabinets square & level.
Reversible Cabinet Doors
  • Left or Right hand installation
  • Easily reverse door without removing cabinet from the wall.
Fixed Cabinet Doors
  • Need to remove cabinet from the wall to change the direction of the door
Stronger Construction – No Bending
  • Thicker 14-gauge NEMA 1 rated steel means no twisting or bending.
  • Less susceptible to damage in ganged installations.
Thin Steel – Too Weak
  • 16-gauge steel is not rigid enough and easily damaged in ganged installations.
  • Doors easily bend preventing them from closing properly.
Lightweight Back Plate
  • Perforated, lightweight design so only one person needed to install it.
  • Pre-assemble plate at the shop while electrician does EMT conduit on
  • Removable handles make it easy to maneuver into place.
Heavy Back Plate
  • Need two people to install (extra labour costs)
  • Nowhere to put your hands so you constantly have to reposition your grip to get it in place.
  • Enclosed back plate adds unnecessary steps to assembly process.
Easy H-Frame Mounting
  • 8 pre-perforated holes & no drill templates required
Templates Needed for H-Frame Mounting
  • Time wasted using drill templates just to mount them on an H-Frame.

Now take a minute and picture the time and cost savings you’ll achieve with these cabinets…it seems ridiculous to try and force your Building Controls installations into standard cabinets that just aren’t up for the job.

You can use a coin to turn a flathead screw, but why would you when there’s a better tool for the job?

HVAC Certified Building Controls Cabinet, Proudly Made in Canada  | Cerco CableHVAC Certified Building Controls Cabinet, Proudly Made in Canada  | Cerco Cable

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Sizes available   - 24" x 20" x 8"
- 36" x 24" x 8"
Steel   14 gauge, NEMA 1 rated
1-1/4” knock-outs   8
Back Plate   Sold separately for independent panel assembly
Cabinet door   Reversible
Lock and key   Included

Every Cerco HVAC Cabinet comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Every Cerco Building Controls Cabinet comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund.