• ULC - 2 hour fire rating
  • Fast and easy installation and termination
  • Horizontal and vertical installations
90C*, 600 Volt - NEC Type MC UL Listed
UL Electrical Circuit Integrity System (FHIT 120)
CSA RC90 - NFPA 502

VITALink MC Transit is a 600 volt power cable with a 2-hour fire-rating when installed in accordance with the VITALink Installation Manual and Installation Guide. This cable meets the requirements of UL 2196, ULC S130. It was specifically designed to meet both the electrical and fire-resistive cable requirements of NFPA 130 for Emergency Communications, Emergency Lighting & Emergency Ventilation.
Key Features
  • 2 hour fire rating
  • Simple to terminate with commercially available brass or stainless steel MC connectors
  • Printed number coding allows for easy circuit identification
  • Uses conventional tools for terminating
  • Available in long lengths
  • Welded armor forms an impervious barrier
  • Armor is impact & crush resistant
Performance Standards
  • CSA Listed type RC90 per CSA 22.2 No.123
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating per ULC S139
  • Electrical Circuit Integrity System #120 (FHIT7)- ULC Canada
  • Wet location rating 90C
  • Meets NFPA 130 for Transit and NFPA 502 for Tunnel applications
  • Single conductor ampacity when installed per CEC Table 1

Annealed copper, Class B strand per ASTM B-170 & B-8

Thermoset, low smoke zero halogen silicone rubber

Circuit Identification:
Printed numbers per ICEA Method 4


Inner Jacket:
Thermoset, low smoke zero halogen silicone rubber

Continuously welded and corrugated copper

  • Fire Pump Feeders
  • Emergency Generator Feeders
  • Emergency Exhaust Fans
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Exit signs
  • Fireman's Elevators