Some performance enhancing ideas from Cerco...

Cerco Cable recognizes that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to cabling and value-added service requirements. That’s why you need a partner who can create solutions that help you address challenges in creative new ways. A partner that helps the experts by putting valuable information at your fingertips and making your project a success.

In the past, distributors simply facilitated the delivery of products to customers when they needed them. Today’s engineers, project managers and contractors must be more productive with fewer resources, so it’s not just about ordering cable and accessories anymore. You need the competitive advantage of a specialized partner like Cerco whose technical expertise and value-added services can smooth the path from project design to installation.

How we can help you

By constantly evaluating cost and performance requirements, Cerco's cable experts will optimize your product selection and help minimize the total cost of ownership.

Our consultative approach and quick turnaround times work to your advantage. We will work with you to reduce your risk and optimize your material management process.


Speak to your Cerco representative today to see how the following service options can give you an edge.

Working with Cerco will add a different perspective to your cabling needs...



Reliable just-in-time delivery


Delivery throughout North America

- Full or LTL quantities
- On-site delivery
- Customs brokerage  - import and export documentation
- Carrier tracking

Inventory Management


Customized inventory management for guaranteed delivery  

- Product consignment
- Kitting
- Project management

Customized Products


Custom cable consultation

- Cable assemblies (copper or fiber): patch cords, harnesses, trunks, assemblies, etc...
- Cable conversion (cut, stripped, terminated)
- Product identification (dyeing, printing or labeling)